dance for menBeing a guy in the club can be tough. Trying to keep up with the sexy that the ladies serve up on the dancefloor is not easy. We;re talking dance moves- here.

No doubt ladies kinda have it easier. Think about it. Even if they just do the basic shaking of their behind, it will look like they are putting in some ‘great effort’.

Guys on the other hand, need a little more tact to look effortless and cool.

After rummaging through lots of video tutorials on youtube, most by Howcast, here’s what I found to be the best ‘sexy-back’ moves that guys can try the next time they are in a club.

  1. Ne-yo it up!

This is a bit complex but remember- complex is right on the pathway towards sexy when it comes to dance!

  1. Dubstep it!

This is taking it up a notch higher on the dancefloor. Just be sure to practice a bit longer- in front of a mirror and a good friend!

  1. Roll it up!

From the body roll to keeping it on a cool degree- check this out and try it with a lady friend who cares to give honest feedback.

  1. Getting cool with it!

This will show you the general go-to moves for the club to make you look cool and sexy with a good number of music genres. Pretty simple. You are welcome.

  1. Break it down!

This is for the adventurous and the ones with the time and the skills to get these moves right. But once you do, your cool points and sexy points will definitely skyrocket.

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