salsaSalsa is such a great dance to learn. And although you could find classes in pretty much all major cities worldwide, there’s one city that should be on your bucket list. The famous city of Cali, in Colombia.

It’s the country’s third largest city and has consistently gained recognition as a World salsa hub. But if you can’t make it there in person, then one app can help you learn right in your own living room.

The app is called Baila Salsa ,which means Dance Salsa. It was created by Cacumen Productions to help anyone learn the basic salsa moves as seen on any Cali stage.

Just a few clicks and you can learn a number of steps such as the Punta Talon, or the salsa versions of a “kick ball change” and for adventurous ones, even how to flip their partner.

The app was used to promote the Colombian movie called Ciudad Delirio that tells a love story set in the Salsa World of Cali. The creators are now planning to update the app convinced about its popularity as they claim to have seen downloads in every continent.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download it.

And make sure to build a plan for consistent learning. Will it be an everyday task or just a 3 day a week gig? Will you need to get someone else to dance with you? How much do they need to know already to ensure you are learning and not teaching someone else the basics?

Do let us know how it goes.



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