twerkIf you haven’t heard of twerking by now, get out of that cave! Because if Miley Cyrus didn’t reach you with the over-twerked tongue-wagging performances then you were/still are definitely off the grid.

After the frenzy she caused the move went mainstream. But do not be mistaken to think that it was a newcomer dance. It certainly wasn’t. Variations of it have existed for years just under different names and connotations.

If you’ve heard of twerking but never tried it…it’s time to join the 10% of humanity that can. Lexy Panterra is a twerk artist that’s here to save the day. The LexTwerkOut is not only instructional, but it’s also good dirty fun. Both fitness and enjoyment- just how we like it. She takes all the key moves, from the Red Nose to the Wobble, adds them into a high-energy work out that will have you twerking in no time – and do not forget to note that its Snoop Dogg-approved.

Here are Lexy’s top tips, but  catch her class in person for the live-action experience!

Twerk Tips

  1. Look back to flaunt what you’ve got! Its gloriously yours so you gotta show what you got!
  2. A happy tush is a happy body. And a happy body is never not an asset .
  3. Tighten your belly muscles to keep your core engaged.
  4. Go as low as you can! Work some more muscles down there
  5. Drink lots of water during your twerk out.
  6. Be confident with your moves and you will look like a pro (or fake it until you make it!)

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